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Self-gifting 101

Go Ahead and Gift Yourself Generously This Holiday Season!

Have you been running around endlessly trying to fit in those special gifts for the people in your life who deserve it? Finding that must-have toy or that special little something for your significant other that screams I love you and I appreciate all that you do? I have been shopping since the beginning of October and quite frankly, now that I am almost done,I can honestly say that shopping for everyone on...

Gift Yourself with Koodo this Holiday Season

As a people pleaser, I have placed my own needs last for many of my adult years. I’m not talking about food and shelter, but when it came to gifts and trinkets, I seldom went out of my way to treat myself. Luckily, I’m no longer down with that way of thinking. I work hard at my job and at being a good friend. I can rhinestone a pair of sneakers in record time and can beat your dad at chess. I’m pretty damn awesome, and I deserve to have nice things!

To Me, From Me! Gift Yourself #HolidayHappy

I give credit to the television show Parks and Recreation for introducing me to the concept of treating myself! Just finished a mid term? Treat yo-self. Got out of bed before 11am? Treat yo-self. Holiday season? Treat yo-self. After all, 2016, as queen Kylie Jenner accurately predicted, was the year of ‘realizing things’. And what I realized was, I need to treat myself more. School work is hard, eating healthy and properly is hard...

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Gift Yourself.

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These Items have To Be On Your Holiday Wish List; Gift Yourself!

Arguably the most exciting part of the holiday season is not only receiving gifts from others, but gifting yourself! There is something so satisfying about going out and being able to buy items that have been on your wish list forever. Since we all know that holiday shopping starts way before the holiday season, go out and treat yourself to these awesome pieces.

5 Instances Where You Deserve To Gift Yourself

It is important to not only gift yourself for the big occasions in life, but also the small ones. Treat yourself right and become #holidayhappy!

Fast & Easy Peppermint Holiday Cookies

Being a mom to a four-year-old and pregnant with twins, I don’t have a lot of spare time on my hands and when I do my energy is all about gone. However, I still want to enjoy the holidays and bake special treats like I do each year before the celebrations start. That’s why I created these Fast & Easy Peppermint Holiday Cookies. Not only can my daughter join in the fun of helping, but they whole preparation process takes about 10 minutes.