Pour Over System

With coffee aficionados often sharing their favourite brewing methods, you may have noticed the increasing popularity of the Pour-Over Coffee. Although it's not unusual to find your local barista offering deliciously handcrafted pour-over coffee, there's nothing better than doing it yourself and being a part of the process. Armed with a few simple tools and your favourite ground coffee, you'll discover that pour-over brewing is an enjoyable way to bring out a coffee's true flavour quickly and efficiently.

Melitta invented the Pour-Over method over 100 years ago and like the rest of their products, they accomplished this with one goal in mind- to help you make THE perfect cup of coffee (so that you can make the most of that ten minutes you set aside just for you). Their pour over method is a quick and convenient way to hand craft a superior cup of coffee within seconds. No barista skills required.

There are two ingredients in a Melitta coffee that still remains in every cup: passion and quality. With premium to super-premium gourmet coffees, a promise to use 100% Premium coffee beans only and a fast, easy and convenient way to brew with the Pour-Over coffee maker, you can see how easy Melitta is making coffee indulgence a part of our everyday.

New to Pour-Over Brewing? Here's how to craft a full-bodied cup of coffee in 3 easy steps using the Melitta Pour-Over Method

  1. Place Pour-Over coffee maker on top of your coffee mug or carafe
  2. Pop in the Melitta #2 filter
  3. Add your favourite finely ground coffee to taste and pour boiling water over the grounds slowly

3 Reasons to Use the Pour-Over Method

  • The Pour-Over is environmentally friendly. Paper and coffee are naturally compostable. (Melitta also donates to the Canadian Forestry Association. So, rest assured you're not only enjoying the finest cup of coffee there is, you can do so guilt free)
  • Pour-Over brewing is fast, easy and convenient; not messy and easy to clean
  • You enjoy hand crafted coffee within seconds

In today's busy world, when all the stars finally align and you find yourself with some time just for you, that's when you deserve the very best life has to offer. Drink it all in and enjoy.

Visit melitta.ca to learn more about Melitta coffee, filters and their awesome Pour-Over coffee maker varieties.

Melitta Signature Series *The Melitta Pour Over System is available at Canadian Tire and Home Hardware
**Signature Series is now available

Find out more about Melitta at Melitta.ca