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Coffee: A Meditation

I am trying to simplify my life by being intentional in what I buy, make and keep. This means that I have less clutter in all facets of my life and that I have a clearer view of what brings joy and what has value. Gradually, one at a time, I’ve made changes to the way I approach working, playing and even eating. The effects of some of the small changes were immediate...

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How to Plan the Perfect Brunch with your BFFs

From Monday-Friday, we’re looking forward to the weekend. Hosting a brunch with your girlfriends is a guaranteed way to make it great and welcome the a.m. with a smile (no matter your condition from the night before). The most important thing is getting your BFFs together in one place, but if you’re hosting a brunch chez-vous, you’ve got to get some things right.

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Decadent Melitta Truffles

These coffee infused truffles can be served at any brunch as the perfect finishing touch and can simply be enjoyed by any coffee lover as a decadent treat.

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Pour Over System

With coffee aficionados often sharing their favourite brewing methods, you may have noticed the increasing popularity of the Pour-Over Coffee. Although it’s not unusual to find your local barista offering deliciously handcrafted pour-over coffee, there’s nothing better than doing it yourself and being a part of the process.

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Tips for a Better Cup of Coffee

If you are anything like me, a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning is a necessity. Not only does it help to wake me up but it’s that essential ritual that starts my morning off right. It perks me up, lifts my mood and puts a smile on my face. For a coffee lover like me, a great cup of coffee is like the perfect hug when you need it most.