How to Plan the Perfect Brunch with your BFFs

Brunch noun
a late morning meal eaten as your breakfast and lunch combined. Best enjoyed with friends.

From Monday-Friday, we’re looking forward to the weekend. Hosting a brunch with your girlfriends is a guaranteed way to make it great and welcome the a.m. with a smile (no matter your condition from the night before). The most important thing is getting your BFFs together in one place, but if you’re hosting a brunch chez-vous, you’ve got to get some things right. We have the perfect recipe for any hostess who is planning a brunch with the girls. Follow the rules and brunch on sister!

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Plan the Menu with Others

Planning the menu shouldn’t only involve you. Most people are pretty picky about their choice of food, so it’s wise to ask what kind of tastes need to be satisfied, ahead of time. Some of your friends might have dietary restrictions that you will want to be aware of before deciding what will be on the brunch table. Send an email to your BFFs to keep all their faves in one place and use it to create your menu with a little bit of something for everyone. Don’t forget to give yourself enough time to get all the responses and decide on the food/drink items before you head to the grocery store.

Keep It Light

Although diving into a meal that includes plenty of fried foods, red meats, carbs and grease can feel satisfying at first, the chances are your guests will leave your afternoon get-together feeling heavy, sluggish and unmotivated. Prepare plenty of fresh fruit and even some crisp salads. This way, everyone can enjoy more variety on the table. Nobody wants to continue their day with a food baby weighing them down. Be a good girlfriend. Fuel your BFFs with healthy food that will keep them feeling energized and on top of the world!

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Set Up a PIY (Pour It Yourself) Station

Whether it's a great cup of coffee or a sparkling Grapefruit Mimosa, make sure your drink set-up is on point. Choose quality beverages that will make them say ah! after that first sip. Have alcoholic and non-alcoholic options and caffeinated and decaf coffee available. A great way to give your girlfriends their choice is by setting up a PIY (Pour It Yourself) station. Include clean glasses, mugs, milk, cream, sugar, sweetener and spoons. Keep the juices and bubbly separate. Serve your hot coffee with Melitta pour over coffee brewers!

Add a Touch of Cuteness (I Said Just a Touch!)

Because there is such a thing as cuteness overload...

A part of being an excellent brunch hostess is knowing when to stop with the décor and all the little frills. Your friends are there for an epic meal and good conversation. If you spend all your time, money and efforts on fancy plates, glassware, nametags, flowers and lots of frilly things, you’ll be forgetting about what’s important and memorable. You don’t want to show off too much because it could intimidate others and might make them avoid hosting you for brunch in fear of not measuring up! GFFs don’t need to be extra around each other- just our relaxed selves. Choose 1-2 cute touches to the table. Food and friends will take care of the rest.

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Ask for Help

They say two heads in the kitchen are better than one and for good reason! Cooking and prepping is a lot more fun and easy than doing it solo. Plus, it’s a lot of work for one person. After you’ve finished your trip to the grocery store, ask a bestie to come over the night before to help you out. Bring out a bottle of wine and have a ball prepping tomorrow’s brunch! It’s a nice change of scene from the typical girl’s night out and you’ll be doing something thoughtful and creative! Cut up your fruit, set the table and prep whatever can be prepped the night before to avoid a mad dash in the morning before your friends arrive.

Take note: A relaxed hostess is the best kind of hostess.

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